Hi! We are Papershire, a family of stationery lovers from England. We design unique hand drawn character and doodle stickers, so you can make your everyday plans beautiful! Our aesthetic is pastel, floral and cute but we also do a lot of more grounded designs like the array of food stickers we have. We are hoping to branch out to provide more stationery items such as washi, pens and notepads. 


handdrawn stickers

Our Team


Designer, Sticker Production, customer service

I hand draw all our Nanas, doodles and flatlays and I also design kits. I cut the sticker sheets ready for processing.


Processing, Postage & Shipping

I pack orders, print & stick labels and take the mail to the post office.


We are Mommy and Daddy's cheerleaders. All the stickers need our seal of approval.