New in: New Year doodles & exclusive kits

Order Freebies

To sweeten the deal, we always include freebies in every order! Freebie designs will be changed every month and there are several types of freebies you can get!
This month's freebies don't have a specific theme but there are plenty of planning related doodles!

  • A thank you card and the first freebie sheet will always come with every order.
  • The code for the Facebook exclusive sheet can be found in the dedicated post in our group's announcements.
  • Order cost for freebies include shipping cost!
  • The freebies are compounding - so if you spend £45, you will get the all orders, £15, £30 and £45 freebie sheets!
  • Once you have gone over the £100 mark, the freebie sheets will double up!
  • Make sure to mention a PR girl in your order to receive their special sheet too!

All Orders Thank You Card

All Orders

Orders £15+

Orders £30+

Orders £45+

Orders £60+

Orders £75+

Orders £90+

Orders £100+

Facebook Exclusive

Extra A6 All Orders Postcard